Friday, 13 July 2012

Bill Gates

I want to post an opinion i've held since i was a kid. I must have been saying for 15 years that i don't like Bill Gates on a personal level (and somes i may have used more colourful terms as well). This is because he has for my whole adult life been one of the richness men in the world yet does nothing worthy with his money or life. What i mean by that is at one point he was valued at $100 Billion and my point is that if you have that much money you could cure cancer and give with the change give cleaan water to everyone in the world who doesn't have it. Now loads of people have said to me over the years "yeah... but why should he ?" and my response has always been "Why wouldn't he ?",
In generations to come people won't remember the guy who cut and paste his way to a sucessful business empire (how many pictures have we seen depicting him as a evil Borg-like drone?) but they would remember a great benefactor who cured the worst diesee of our time.

I'm glad to say that today he and his wife seem to be devoting themselves to curing malaria which is a good idea as well and more ever he is evangulising for other super rich to do the same Far too many rich celelbrities limit their charity work to 'raising money' (from us poor citizens) rather than first opening their wallets and then asking us to help top it up. Also he is working with governements i think to get them to match his funding, his influence and the fact that he fronts his own cash and is now seen as a nice guy doing a nice thing means that he can amplify the money to good causes.

So fair play to you Mr G you finally got the message through the six degrees, you're time is far better spent doing this good work then continung to mopolise the PC and stifling innovation. However you have a long way to go before you match Cliff Richard, this is a guy who for decadesd has given 1 third of hsi income to charity and doesn't really publicise it. Still if cure Malaria Mr G all is forgiven, just don't forget the clean water though, there are some people that really need it.

5.2 KG and 8 weeks

Its amazing to me that AD is now 2 months old. He has lost his birth hair, re-grown some designer head stubble and grown in size massively. It seems like he has been with us for ages already and EJ hasn't really been jealous which is great.
EJ is bursting to speak and has been for the last few weeks, he has just been moved up in the nursery into an older group where all the babies speak, this is only going to accelerate matters. I will definately miss the cuteness and inocence but i'm also keen to see him to develop.
I'm so proud of my lovely lady wife who manages to look after the two tornados and manages to keep seen. Work is not always easy but i don't know if i could manage to look after two babies, on my own for as long as she does. Spanish ladies are made of tough stuff it seems.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

11 months and a big challenge

EJ, Almu (+ bump) and I are in Tenerife with family. EJ has advanced massively just in the last week alone, he has learned the meaning of pedorretas/rasberries, clapping (he'll do these on command). As well as today starting to climbe stairs and in a few more teeth are poking through to boot. He seems to understand alot more and events new sounds every few days, right now he is 'pasando teti' en espana (having alot of fun).

The hardest part now is leaving my litte family here now for two weeks whilst i fly back to work. I've never been apart from them for so long and i'm gonna miss them mucho.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

7 months, OMG

At 5 months we took EJ to Madrid, Guadalajara and Girona in spain, we ended up spending a couple of days driving (long story) but he was fine. The great thing was we spent the time with is spanish grandparents and he really has becone an international travaller.
Also we started him on fruits and oats instead of just milk.
At 6 months he started on three meals a day, with milk of course.

and 7 months, he has starting to sit by himself and is really thinking hard about crawling, He can kinda of crawl backwards and get anywhere he wants by a cobination of this and rolling over. Right now he puts himself on all fours and kind of rocks forward and backwards. Also on his 7 month birthday he started saying 'daddy' but since then he seems to be on strike so thats something to work on. Also he has given up on the boob and is really eating food
We've nbought a bike seat for him but haven't tried it yet and also aquired a car for Almu so she has more independance when i'm out bringing the bacon in.
Oh and thanks to Mary we had our first night out together since Mr Cookie arrived (and in fact some time before).
Right now the cutest thing he does is to kind of kiss your nose if he gets close enough, this involves your entire nose becoming envolped and being licked a little, its weird but then many things about babies are weird it seems.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Swings and swims ... 4 months on

So EJ is now 4 months old and weighs about 7Kg i.e. doubled in weight since birth. Yesterday we went for a walk around Lighwater country park and i had him strapped to my chest the whole time, we managed to find an adult swing i took him on there with me, he enjoyed that. A small experience but a new one none the less.
Almu took EJ to his first swimming lesson today, all the other babies were 8months or more so she was just going to watch and see how it all works but after checking with the teacher she was able to join in the lesson. He loved the whole experience and i can't wait til the weekend to so i can repeat it with him at Camberley. I am very lucky that my parents made a point of taking all us kids to swimming lessons when we were young which gave me my water confidence and made me the strong swimmer i am today. I am absolutely determined that EJ will get this same confidence, probably better, and i can't wait to 'dunk him' (after the teacher has shown us how of course) and see that amazing natural reflex babies are blessed with to automatically hold their breath under water.

Almu continues to fantastically as well, she has many challenges being so far away from her own direct family,  my direct family and not having a car but she does briliantly. I'm so lucky to have them both !

Friday, 25 March 2011

Like a second paternity leave

The family is currently togther in Spain partly on holiday and partly meeting the other side of the family again. EJ is now 9 weeks old and we followed several peoples advice to holiday early with a baby because its easy then when they are a 1 or 2 years old, guess what they were right. EJ is having a great time and i am loving it because its like a second paternity leave, i get to spend every day with him rather than just bath time like i do at home when working.

The experience of the journey was not so bad overall, Gatwick saw the baby and all the staff and pointed us to the fast lane through security. However the flying experience is truly archiac. Why do infants travel on your lap with a cheap seat belt extension ? This offers zero protection in the real world, it would be far better to allow us to use the car seats that we all own these days, this standard is a million miles in advance of the bare minimum the airlines offer. Its high time there was some decent international standards for airlines that start to move things forward in areas of Baby/Infant safety and passenger leg room for tall people.

Finally i was very pleased to fly with Monarch despite there baby related limitations, Monkey jet is for people who think that they get the same service but far cheaper. In reality on many routes the price is not significantly different but the service always is (worse).

Saturday, 5 March 2011

7 weeks

Today we took EJ up town to get his first passport and i have to say i was impressed. In and out of the passport office in 25 mins, its easy to knock the officialdom but those lot have a slick operation. I thought we'd be there for hours.
EJ is now 7 weeks old and one of the best things i have been able to do the last few weeks is feed my son with expressed milk. There is nothing like holding your own childs head in your hand whilst you feed him, he's vulnerable and cute, its a duty and an honour.
I'm only beginning to learn how to be a good parent and provider like my parents were and are but right now its going well, you do get used to the reduced ammount of sleep, eventually.